After some soul searching, long discussions, and deep decision making Doug & I have decided that we are going to make a BIG leap for our family. We have a 5 year plan, possibly sooner, to sell all of our possessions, our home, and buy a house boat to travel and homeschool on. We have grand plans for business, adventure, and a life we have always dreamed of.

When Doug and I first met we were both water lovers through and through. He grew up boating and fishing and his life turned into fishing and building fishing rods –> Dk Custom Rods <–. I grew up in a family where our vacations during the summer were always to the beaches or Caribbean islands, I simply couldn’t get enough sun and sand.

My goal in life was to move to Florida and live where I could go to the beach with my family as often as I ever wanted. We do that currently but we want to take it a step forward. We will be selling everything we own, minus a few small keepsakes which we’ll store safely, and buy a dream house boat to take our little man on and explore the world as we homeschool!

We are going to be sharing our journey with you from getting ready, prepping what we need, selling our household items, selling our house, buying our boat, and the life aboard! This space will evolve as our journey evolves but should you ever have a question don’t hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail @ We will be adding our favorite items to our “Favorites” page, freebies for travel tips and homeschooling on the goal, we have YouTube goals, and each of our businesses DkCustomRods & AtHomeEntrepreneur will make cameos on here for awhile.

We have every intention of working towards speeding our time line up, but we know some things must be taken care of first. If you have questions, at any point, throughout our journey don’t hesitate to reach out! We are excited and can not wait to take on the BIGGEST dream we have for our family!