It’s been another busy week here, mostly with boat looking/talking/shopping. I can’t tell you how many boat yards we’ve been to, how many marinas we’ve visited, how many live aboard people we’ve spoken to. It’s honestly all very exciting as we are narrowing down, quickly, what boat we will be choosing. But we have been planning what we’ll be doing here for you. So we wanted to share with you some things to come right here for you!

Family Adventure Planning

We have been asked a number of times what we are planning, how we are planning, what steps we are taking in order to prepare for this next big step. We are going to share with you how we are financially preparing to take this next big step. The steps we are taking to continue to fund the adventure and travel the world once we are officially live aboard. We’ll share the plans we have for our house and all the contents in it. We want to share with you how YOU can make the same decisions, or relatively the same decisions, for you and your family.

Tiny Kitchen Cooking

This one is very exciting for me because as many of you know Doug is the chef in our house. On the boat there will be no difference in our cooking situation. We have measured the space we will have in our galley on the boat. In our kitchen we taped off a section in our kitchen, yes with big blue painters tape. We have been organizing, prepping, and getting everything ready for the oven/stove. Lot’s of photos and soon videos to come on how cooking in a tiny space and coming out with AMAZING and delicious foods is 100% possible.

Product Reviews

There are many many many items we will be using on the boat. As we have yet to narrow down the exact boat we want we want to focus on our fishing tackle. We must be sure our fishing tackle is up to par so that we can start fishing and catching our dinners right away. We want to show you what we’ll be taking as far as tackle, with us as we live aboard. As we grow we will also share with you what we think/functionality of many other things.

Other Ventures

As KiddsOnABoat continues to grow we have plans to add retail to our page. We are working on a theme, logo, and what we will offer right now. But I will say that it is all very exciting to us! We truly can’t wait to share all of this with those of you who have decided to follow along on this journey with us! Until that point in time, you can show us some love by heading to our Say Thanks page.

We can’t thank you you all enough for following along thus far.  There are things to come and we can’t wait to share with you. The good, the bad, and the ugly lol. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog (sidebar or the bottom of the page) so that you can stay up on what we’re doing!