Have you ever had a week where you had things planned and there really wasn’t much wiggle room for anything else? Yea, that was this week in our house so nothing much happened as far as Kidds On A Boat. I had a Masterclass for At Home Entrepreneur in my private facebook group. DKCustomRods got a large number of rod orders which kept him busy. We had a number of play dates, more school work, and it was a busy week.

Nothing Much Happened- Ooops

Do I feel guilty that nothing Kidds On A Boat got done this week? Absolutely not, because sometimes you have to do other things in order to really get what you want out of life. Do I wish I had more time to go and look at boats? More time to be on the water? Spending time with the kiddo at the beach, docks, boat yards? I do a little bit, sure, but that’s not how our lives work right now. We will absolutely have that life soon, but until then we have “adult” things that need to get accomplished first.

What Will We Be Doing This Week- What if Nothing Much Happened Again

Honestly I don’t have the answer to that right now. I know that right now I need to spend some more time updating www.kiddsonaboat.com/blog. There are some tweaks I need to make on our shop page.  For sure I have client work for At Home Entrepreneur to get done this week. Without a doubt, I know that we’ll have a play date or two this week to throw into our schedule. Will we get to the beach/boat yard/docks, who knows today, but there’s always the possibility.

Rather Boring I Know

Yes, I realize many of you who are stopping by for adventure and excitement. Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not always roses and sunshine when you’re working towards the adventure of your life. Sometimes in life you must take care of other things to create the bigger things. When I decided to up and move to Greece I had to “suffer” through the last semester of school. I had to stick around with an ex in order to clean up my house. There were things that needed to be done before I had a huge adventure and this week we did just that.

Over the next year we plan to do a lot of loose end tying up. This might mean some weeks we have peanuts to show you. Nothing super exciting happened this week and that’s ok. If you are about to start the next major journey of your life there will be times like this. Keep at whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll make your dreams come true!

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That’s all we’ve got for you right now. As you can tell nothing much happened and thats ok! As always we can’t thank you all enough for following along with us. Exciting things are coming and we can’t wait to keep sharing with you. Don’t forget to go check out the Kidds On A Boat Apparel shop!

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