We are so glad that you are following along this journey with us. We’ve had so many of you reach out to us via messenger and e-mail to say how excited you are to be doing something similar because you are watching us do it. That is just VERY exciting to hear! Life is meant to be explored! We have realized over the past four years together that we are both up for adventure.  There is a call for us to experience all that life has to offer. We love to travel, we love being on the water, and we want to be able to combine the two for an epic family life.

Life Is Meant To Be Explored

Today we’re just popping in with a small update. Nothing big has been happening here as far as boat shopping. We have been trying to get other things set up and running while we keep paying off our debts.  We are still planing for the perfect boat. Like we said in Here We Go-Travel & Homeschool we are still a little ways off from buying our family boat. So right now we are setting up all of our social media, creating out shop, and getting everything paid off and sold. The day we buy our boat is the day we plan to change everything about our life. We just want to be as prepared as possible for when that day comes!

Coming Soon

Recently I have been elbow deep in logo designs for the t-shirts and bags. We are excited to tell you that SOON they will be on our website. I can’t speak for Doug, but I am WAY excited about how our logos have turned out. I’m even more excited about the bags we will be offering. Personally, I’m a BIG bag fan. Re-useable bags are my absolute favorite types to have. We will soon, as in some time this week, have t-shirts and bags on our site for sale. Caring for the planet is something that is important to us. Having and using re-useable bags is just one small way for us to cut down on the use of plastic everywhere we go.

It is exciting for us to have a shop on our site. I’m currently building it now. I will add that I have built our website from the ground up and im NOT a techy person lol. I know how to do things well, I’m just not very fast at it. None the less, we are excited to share with you our t-shirts and re-useable bags SOON!

Tiny Kitchen Cooking

Another project that we had on our list, that we’ve finally launched, was our Tiny Kitchen Cooking. We have released two recipes on our blog thus far. Tiny Kitchen Cooking Spatchcock Chicken and Tiny Kitchen Cooking Fried Chicken & Gravy. Both are EASY to make dishes that can be made with little kitchen equipment and space. I have included ingredients and directions in each of the blogs. There won’t always be nutrition info included with each dish. But when I have the nutrition info I will absolutely share it with you!

While we have some meals planned for the blog we are 100% up for suggestion if you’d like to see something specific! All you have to do is leave us a comment, drop us an e-mail, or message us on one of our social media sites. Should you not currently follow us or know how to contact us here is our info.

IG : @KiddsOnABoat

FB: @KiddsOnABoat

Pinterest: @KiddsOnABoat

e-mail: KiddsOnABoat@Gmail.com

We love hearing from you all so don’t hesitate to reach out!

That’s It For Now- Don’t Forget To Follow Us!

That’s all we’ve got for you right now. I know, not terribly exciting, but part of this journey is about making sure the tiny details are taken care of. We don’t want to skip any steps and be caught with our pants down come time to get on our boat. We can’t thank you you all enough for following along thus far. Exciting things are coming and we can’t wait to share with you. But beyond everything else life is meant to be explored. So start living every moment TODAY!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog (sidebar or the bottom of the page) so that you can stay up on what we’re doing! We ALWAYS love hearing from you. So please drop us a comment below and share us with your friends & family!

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