It’s been a busy week here. If you didn’t catch our latest new go and check out Here We Go- Travel & Homeschool. Just like the little dude above, we have been digging deep and making progress. We decided that our goal was to sell our home and everything in it. Since then, we have done nothing but prep things for a future on the water. We have taken a look at what we owed financially, we have walked around the house multiplies of times taking inventory of what will go with us and what needs to be stored/sold, we have looked and looked and looked at boats we are considering (well show you all soon enough), and I am getting us social media ready so you all can follow the journey from wherever you are.

So much talking and planning has happened that it makes it even more exciting and realistic. Yes, we know there are many steps between now and our end goal, and still months to go. But steps here and there are how we’re going to make this happen!

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We have also partnered with Madera Outdoor Co to share their AMAZING products with you all while we are on our journey. For every hammock, hat, pillow, tarp, net, etc. ย They sell they plant trees to help better the world. We are so excited to share their amazingness with the world as we travel, plus our hammock is going to be an AMAZING asset to our boat life ๐Ÿ™‚

Another exciting movement from this week was the MASSIVE vision/debt repayment board. I made it and hung overtop our sofa in the living room so that we can see, visualize, and work towards our goals that much faster. We’ve made a 16 month plan to pay off everything and buy our dream boat. That way we can work on it some before we move aboard and begin traveling. Things feel like they are coming together fast and it keeps us exciting and motivated!

For those of you who asked, DKCustomRods is doing a MASS build over the next 16 months before he begins disassembling the rod shop. So if you are READY to get a custom fishing rod built for you or someone you love NOW is the time! Check out his work/contact him –> DKCustomFishing Rods <–

I have also decided to do something INSANELY crazy. I am raffling off a 1 month coaching package in my business –> Deets Here<–. ย As many of you know I am a business & success coach for the busy mompreneur. I teach moms how to start, run, and grow 6 figure businesses while being present in their Kids lives. We work on content creation that sells, automation, systems, sales, marketing, and more. This 1 month package is worth $1997 and I’m raffling it off for nothing! If you are ready to start/grow your business jump in on this raffle –> Deets <–

Ok then, well like I said, it’s been an insanely busy week getting social media ready. We aren’t slowing down until we reach our end goals and can simply enjoy traveling with our kiddo! Until next time we hope you have an AMAZING week!

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